All you need to know about security camera systems in Brisbane

Security camera systems have become one of the most popular security measures used by homes and offices in Brisbane today. Yet, everything about security camera systems, Brisbane remains a mystery to many business owners and homeowners. While most people opt for professional camera systems installation, understanding more about them is always good to know.


Understanding more about security camera systems


Knowing more about security camera systems allows you to understand what features to opt for.

Camera styles

Complete sets of CCTV security systems feature different types of cameras. The sleek housing of bullet-style cameras is the popular choice of many people. Yet, the dome-style camera, while not stylish to look at, is vandal-proof and discreet.

Many cameras are fully weatherproof while some are not. Weatherproof cameras offer the best option as they can be used indoors and outdoors. The viewing angle of the camera is determined by its lens. A super wide angle of around 110-degree perimeter will be adequately given by a wide camera lens of 2.8mm. A 90-degree perimeter angle can be provided by a 3.6mm camera lens.

Wireless feature

The creation of wireless gadgets today has also invaded the CCTV camera system industry. However, the functions of wireless cameras are seen to be limited in reliability, clarity, and selection. Often, wireless cameras are battery-powered, making them unreliable when they need to be recharged. A professional CCTV security system is still the top choice for anyone wanting to protect their privacy and property.

Video footage storage

Video storage is a serious thing to consider in the choice of CCTV camera systems. Many people choose to store captured videos for up to 10 days. Yet, some quality CCTV camera systems offer internal hard drives in their video recorders. Increasing the size of the hard drives is the means to acquire more video footage storage. This is especially recommended for cameras with higher resolution.

Benefits of wide-angle cameras

Wide-angle cameras are the preferred choice of many business owners and homeowners. However, far objects that need to get a good focus require a powerful camera lens such as 12mm, 50mm, or 100mm. With this kind of high-powered lens, the perfect angle and close-up of objects at a distance of 100ft or 200ft are achieved.

Difference between NVR and DVR

HD CCTV security cameras come in two kinds of technologies: NVR and DVR. DVR is a digital video recorder that used a coaxial cable to support HD recordings. NVR, on the other hand, uses network or Ethernet cable connections.

The two camera systems function the same; it’s only their connections that create a difference.

Compliance with government regulations

Legislative requirements ban many surveillance systems especially when it is for government use. The surveillance systems that come from Chinese manufacturers are the ones that are mostly banned by legislative regulations.

Optimal image compromise

The distance covered and the width of the angle is always a compromise with CCTV security camera systems. Yet, wanting it all means investing in a CCTV security camera system combining varifocal and wide-angle cameras. A comprehensive CCTV camera system is created with the right placement of cameras in the different areas of your property.


The correct installation of a CCTV camera security system is the thing that makes it very effective. The presence of high-quality CCTV cameras on the property serves as the best deterrent for intruders. Contact Brisbane’s security camera experts to know more.




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